525,600 Minutes

How do you measure, measure a year?

In blog posts? In comments? In viewcount? In caaaategories?
In ‘most read’? In drafts? In searches and tags?

Guys! Guys, guess what!

Today is the very first anniversary of Turning Phrases.

Crazy, right?!

I am so glad I started this blog and I have had so much fun writing over the past year. I’ve learned so much about different writing styles, what works and what doesn’t, what I like and what I don’t like. I’ve found it fascinating to see what people respond to, what other people’s favorite pieces are compared to my own favorite pieces.

It has been quite the journey and I look forward to everything I’m going to continue to learn.

I thought for this little Birthday post, I would revisit some old favorites.

First, some stats. Just for fun.

This post will mark the 271st post published. In 365 days, that ain’t half bad. These posts collected 221 comments [including my own] and accrued 2,160 tags [not including this post because I haven’t written any yet].  I have graduated to five categories total, most of which were received pretty well. One of which I despise, but we’ll get to that.

I blame spambots, but I had 171 views on my busiest day. Obviously that’s not accurate, but it’s a pretty number to look at. I usually average about 25-30 views a day, which makes me beyond happy, even if it’s just people passing through.

I also have six active subscribers. Six! And I only know two of them in real life! Insanity.

Searches that most led people to my little corner of the internet in the past year:

5. Santana giggle gif
4. Santana prom queen
3. Santana and Karofsky
2. Santana prom dress
1. Santana candy striper

I think people on the interwebs really like Santana. As they should.

Top non-Glee related searches:

3. Popcorn phrases
2. Blue and white striped old fashioned one piece swimsuit women
1.  New York

I did have to weed through a lot of Glee searches to find those. Apparently Gleeks are very search-happy. Hopefully they enjoyed the Gleecaps they found here.  I would imagine they did, because the Gleecaps! page has had 286 views in the past year, with each Gleecap not too far behind that number.

Top three posts that weren’t Gleecaps or Gleewinds:

3. 30 Days of TV – Day 19 [which was about Glee…]
2. Elevator Kiss
1.  Hold Me Close, Young Tony Danza [A personal favorite of mine, as well]

But enough of the boring stuff.

Let’s talk about me.

More specifically, the categories I have developed over the year [excluding Gleecap, because we’ve been over that].

Stupid Series is a three part [so far] piece of fiction that I have a love/hate relationship with. Some days I think I should have left it alone after one, some days I have plans for it to have many more parts. It’s not an easy one to write, but sometimes I’m struck with inspiration.

My Thoughts Exactly was my running commentary while watching the Harry Potter movies. I haven’t done any since, but it was fun and easy to do, and people tend to enjoy raw reactions.

30 Days of TV is the worst idea I ever had.  I have grown to despise this meme but I can’t quit now that I’m more than halfway through. I hope to finish it and never commit to anything that’s 30 days long ever again.

He Said, She Said, I Said wasn’t something I planned. I had wanted to do a post in which I sassed the singer of a song, because every time I heard the song, I thought these things. Then I thought, I bet that might be kind of fun for someone to read. Anyway, it would be an interesting way to write something. I gave it a shot. It was so much fun and so well received, a category was born. I hope to continue to do these. Because sometimes songs are ridiculous.

It surprised me to find out that people liked these so much. I barely considered it writing, since it was just putting my spontaneous thoughts onto “paper”. It wasn’t like my Gleecaps where I was retelling plotlines, it wasn’t like Stupid where I write and rewrite a few times before I post it.  It’s just my natural snarkiness, sans the usual filter, and people really seem to like it. Which makes my heart smile.

It fascinates me when something I didn’t think much of is loved by others. I think if I were to rank my best writing and if someone else was, we’d end up with different lists. I like that.

In collecting ideas for this Birthday post, I came across some posts that I remembered that I really liked. You see, once upon a blog, I only wrote when I had something worth sharing. I posted when the inspiration struck me. Then I started NaBloPoMo and challenged myself to post everyday, for better or worse. Even though I think if you were keeping track, the scale is tipped slightly towards “worse”.  However, I truly believe that keeping in this habit of posting every day has really helped me grow as a writer. Even though I have skipped a few days here and there, the routine of trying to have something up every single day has forced me to try new things, tiptoe out of my comfort zone, and realize that the ceiling isn’t going to cave in if I write something I hate later.

Anyway, one of my earliest posts – the second, to be exact – is still one of my favorites. I love me a good metaphor and though I’m not sure how well I got it across, I still stand by this one: Reading a Terrible Book is Like Being In A Bad Relationship

Another one of my favorites was one of my first attempts at pure fiction. At least, here on this blog. Inpsired by a painting I saw at a museum, I let my imagination run wild with the image at hand. It’s one of the few posts that I can re-read without wanting to change something or delete it immediately: Departure

One that makes me smile when I think about it is one I wrote as a filler one day. I literally could think of nothing to write about except for the utensil I held in my hand. The only reason I like this post is because of my mother’s reaction to it. I don’t know how often she reads this blog, but she saw this post and told me I should submit it. “To who, Mom? It’s about spoons.” “I don’t know. Someone. It’s good!” “I wrote. about. spoons.” “But it’s the WAY you wrote about spoons.” I still am not sure what she liked about it, but I do love a good spoon: Spooning

I also enjoyed that one time I got all multi-media up in this joint. I hope to do that again someday. Who KNOWS what appliances will get animated then: Doodle-palooza

Sometimes I made myself laugh, sometimes I made myself cry. Sometimes I was super vague. Sometimes I was super specific.

Sometimes I was so ridiculous I can’t even believe it was allowed on the internet.

Let’s ask my blog which posts it would like to share. We will find this information out by hitting “Random Post” three times. Shall we? Why, yes. Let’s.

1. Londontown [Aww, good one, blog!]
2. I Made It Through The Wilderness [Welp, can’t win them all. This one was boring.]
3.  Listogrophy [A little similar to the Spooning one, with the lists, but I’ll let it slide. Because it’s all about me. Heh.]

If you feel so inclined, feel free to share one or more of YOUR favorite posts or categories with me. If not, that’s okay too. I promise not to go all Lima Heights Adjacent on you.

Well, friends, it has been quite the ride. Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading, has ever read, or is reading for the first time right now. Sharing my words means a lot to me, and every little bit of positive feedback I get sends me reeling for days.

I’ve loved every minute of this experience so far, and I hope to enjoy 525,600 more.


~ by Valerie Anne on 09/13/2011.

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  1. One of my favorites recently: https://phraseturner.wordpress.com/2011/08/17/august/

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