A Letter to a Stranger

Dear Angela,

Thank you for making my subway adventure home bearable. I’m glad it was you who I entrusted the knowledge of how to get home with, because not only did you have an epic accent since you were from Ohio, but you also were traveling to a very short distance from my home. Not to mention the fact that you had a pretty good knowledge of the education system in New York. I know we got misdirected by a stranger who, despite about half an hour of trying to convince him of the truth, was sure we had known each other for at least a few days, unable to wrap his young mind around the fact that New York, being confused by the late-night train system and  the presence of beer could bring two people together.

Oh, yeah, and thanks for having that extra large beer in your purse that you so graciously shared.

I won’t lie, I felt extremely bad about not taking down your number once we reached my corner and I had to turn. I promise, if my phone had not been dead, I would have taken it. I do not promise I would have used it, because I’m super awkward, but I promise I would have taken it. I’m sorry that our parting seemed so “let’s leave this to fate”, because if I felt like we had a fast-friends connection, I would have at least taken you email address to keep in touch.

So thank you for getting me home safe, kind stranger, and for making what would have been an agonizingly long journey home actually rather enjoyable.

I do hope we meet again someday – whether it be within this wonderful city or below it.



~ by Valerie Anne on 09/23/2011.

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