Gleewind 2.10 – A Very Glee Christmas

AKA The One That Made Me Smile Like A Little Kid

We, once again, start in the Teacher’s Lounge, and Emma is concerned that Will has been avoiding her since she told him that she got married. She invites him to their Christmas Party, but he respectfully declines. Beiste comes in and says that it’s time to pick their Secret Santa and says the one motto that any person that was any kind of Education major in college [myself included] should learn, “You get what you get, and you don’t get upset.”   Though, both Emma and Will both look pretty upset.

At Brittany’s locker, Artie and Brittany are telling each other what they asked for, and for literally the first time ever, I have something in common with Artie – all he wants is for his parents to stop requesting him on Facebook. Though, something about what Britt says during this conversation leaves Artie a little confused…

Then the New Directions sing one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs. And considering it was from a TV Movie that aired when my parents were little, I’d say it’s a classic.

Mr. Schuester comes in and tells them that, as much as he appreciates the pilfered Christmas decorations, the Glee club is going to do some Christmas Charity this year. The kids are convinced they’re going to get killed, but agree to go Caroling.

Even though that would have literally been my favorite school day ever, the students at McKinley seem to hate it and even the teacher throws a shoe at them.

As the conversation continues, it becomes clear that Brittany still believes in Santa Clause. Artie doesn’t want to ruin it for her, and Santana isn’t there, otherwise she’d probably agree, so he asks them to help keep the magic alive. As much as I despise Bartie with all my heart, I still believe in Santa to some extent, so I appreciate what Artie was getting at here.

At the mall, Quinn starts saying she will NAT sit on Santa’s lap, but everyone is giving her dirty looks. Artie points out that all Brittany needs to keep believing is for everyone else to believe. As weird as it sounds, I get it. Brittany wants to believe. So do I. Therefore, we believe.

Artie convinces the Glee club to support Britt’s fantasies and pretend like they believe as much as we do. Though, for the hotter of the Gleeks, this is a little more difficult.

However, they didn’t anticipate one thing in their attempt at making Brittany’s Christmas perfect. She wished for Artie to be able to walk.

In Rachel’s Winter Wonderland, everything is beautiful, but Finn is nonplussed by her artificial trees. She wants to apologize via song, but he isn’t really having it. But she wants to sing anyway, so she hopes that her song will be heard by someone and performs Merry Christmas Darling for an empty auditorium.

At Dalton, Blaine is asking Kurt to help him rehearse Baby It’s Cold Outside, and though they claim the city would never let them sing it together publicly, they are really missing out… because it’s freaking adorable.

[Side note: I don’t care what anyone says, THIS SONG IS NOT ABOUT RAPE!!! It’s a beautiful and perfect song about one person playing hard to get but really wanting to have an excuse to stay and eventually getting giving in!! OKAY?!?!]

Afterwards, Mr. Schue shoes up at Dalton to ask Kurt for some help. For some reason, he thinks Kurt [of all the people he knew in his entire life ever, including all the grown-ups he has ever met] will be able to help him find a gift for Sue. Kurt seems excited about this, though, so whatever.

Will runs into Emma in the hallway with a pristinely wrapped package that he soon learns is actually for Sue. Beiste overhears this and they all realize that Sue had rigged the Secret Santa. Honestly, I’m not even sure why they’re surprised at this point.

As paypack, Will and Beiste [who is drinking a protein shake out of a blender?] are hijacking her gifts for the homeless. Sue catches them but is unable to stop them, and Will calls her a Grinch.

Back in the locker room, the Boys of Glee are asking Beiste to help them out by impersonating Santa and retracting his promise to Brittany that he would help Artie walk again. They really don’t want to ruin the spirit of Christmas for her and they think an in-person take-back will be the only way to keep it alive when Artie isn’t walking by December 25th.

In Sue’s office, Becky is adorably dressed as the Grinch’s Reindog and Sue is applying green makeup. They work together to steal all of the Glee club’s decorations and presents – just one more way to try to crush their spirits. Brittany-Lou-Who comes in with a present for the homeless kids and mistakes Grinch!Sue for the real Santa. Turns out Sue isn’t the evilest of evil and plays along, saying that she’s taking the presents back to the Workshop to be fixed.

When Will returns to the Choir room the next day, he is met with a group of crushed souls and the tattered remains of their Christmas tree. Will knows it was Sue, but Brittany swears it was the real Santa, just fixing it. Finn and Will agree that they can’t let this break their Christmas spirit.

Rachel wants to help, so she takes Finn Christmas Tree shopping. While they’re looking for the perfect one, Rachel’s [and one of mine as well] favorite Christmas song comes on and even though Finn is sort of avoiding her like she has cooties, they sing along – together, yet apart.  At the end, Rachel goes in for the kiss, but Finn is still hurting. He just…he can’t.

The next day, the boys are donating their watches and the girls are donating their hair to raise money for the homeless kids, since their presents were all stolen. Quinn thinks she’ll look awful [which we later learn is the opposite of true] and Santana is fine with it since she has a weave anyway. Schue jumps in just in time and spreads his Christmas cheer all over the place. Well, at first he gets a little emo about it, but he eventually gets to his point and tells them that they will go sing for people who will appreciate them.

At Brittany’s house that night, Beiste!Santa comes to visit Brittany. (S)He tells her that her wish for Artie to walk is really hard, and that even Santa can’t do everything. Beiste’s own insecurities came out and she offers the gift of patience instead. BrittBritt looks a little crushed, and with her pretty pajamas and adorable hairdo, my heart absolutely breaks.

Brittany is a little heartbroken by this whole exchange the next day at school – her empathetic nature makes it impossible to accept the fact that Artie will never be able to walk – it’s just not fair. Will reminds them they have to be in the choir room soon, but they respectfully decline.

Fortunately, the teachers are a little more appreciative of the Glee caroling than their peers. Also, their cheerful singing reminds Sue and her Reindog that, even though they stole all of their presents and decorations, they did not steal their spirit.

Afterwards, as the Glee club leaves the teacher’s lounge, Rachel decides to remind Mr. Schuester that he will be spending Christmas alone for the first time ever. However, when they all return to the choir room, they find Brittany and Artie. A man in Israel invented a robotic contraption that allowed Artie to sort of walk. Neither the kids nor Brittany’s parents had any idea where this contraption came from, so it restored the miracle of Christmas in them all – as Coach Beiste observed with a warm smile.

On Christmas Eve, Will comes home, cracks a beer and sadly wanders into his living room. Oddly enough, he finds Sue there, standing by a Christmas tree that has presents under it that were not there last time he was home. Sue realizes that a lot of the presents were for homeless children, but she did get him a razor for his crazy hair. She mentioned that she had helpers in her decorating process, and the entire Glee club comes in from the other room and continues to trim the tree.

Everything is beautiful and Christmassy and nothing hurts.

YAY! I have finally finished recapping Season 2 of Glee! Just in time for Season 3! [Okay, I know the first ep of S3 has aired, and I promise to recap that soon…]

I would like to thank everyone who read these for their support – I truly love writing them and even though I don’t think recapping is my strongest form of writing, it makes me happy when people say they like them. See you next “year”, Gleeks!!

~ by Valerie Anne on 09/24/2011.

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  1. OK, try as I might I’ll never love this episode as much as you did, but still a lovely gleecap and yay, I’ve finished reading all the season 2 gleecaps! Now to check I’m up to date on your season 3 ones for when you start up again. 😉

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