The New Facebook

When Facebook changes, everyone’s natural reaction is to complain about it. My friends and I are no exception:

Me: I now get notifications every time you update your status and I have no idea why. I love you, but I do not need to be tracking your every move. I think I talk to you enough, thank you very much. Facebook has somehow managed to do the impossible and suck the fun right out of stalking.

T: I don’t get updates on anything. Aside from the fact that I have no idea how to navigate new Facebook, nothing has really changed for me. I guess Facebook got the message that I don’t really want to be involved in other people’s lives

Me: I think it’s because it asked me how I knew you and I clicked “close friend”. Oddly, it thought that meant I wanted to know every time you pressed a button on your keyboard, when really I meant “we’re friends in real life – you know, off the internet – so there’s no need to alert me to everything”.

T: I think it’s funny that Facebook is asking you a lot of things about our relationship. I got asked nothing. Facebook must think I’m like the scary old lady with the haunted house at the corner of the street…it is just tiptoeing by, not bothering me, and hoping to get by without me casting some sort of hex on it

Me: I, on the other hand, am the kid who would take candy from a stranger on the way to help them find their lost puppy by way of run-down van with blacked out windows.

Some people declared that Facebook was free, therefore we had no right to complain about it. I disagree. I say, it’s free. Therefore, we have every right to complain about it. It’s not like we’re taking Facebook to court – that we have no right to do. However, one of the sole purposes of social media [as far as I can tell] is to complain about social media in a public forum.

Honestly, I wasn’t too keen on WordPress’s changes either. At least Facebook tried to ease me into its changes by making me experience it for a few hours every few days in the  month prior to it becoming permanent. I’ll admit, WordPress’s changes were significantly less drastic, but as a fairly regular blogger, I noticed them! Unlike Facebook, I got no apologies, no walk-throughs. Not even an acknowledgement that it wasn’t just me going insane, but an actual change. Rude.

~ by Valerie Anne on 09/25/2011.

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