I’m Back

There were so many times this weekend that I thought, “These are my coworkers. This should be weird.”

So many ridiculous things.

Yet, it never felt weird.

It just felt awesome.

But now? Now I just feel tired.

And everything I brought with me smells of grass, rain and smoke.

It always takes a few days to fully recover from a weekend of more physical activity and less sleep than you’re used to.

But it’s almost always totally worth it.

Also, for those of you who care, I’ve decided to hold off on the Gleecap from last week until later this week so that I can do the one for this week next week since after tomorrow night’s episode, we have a one month hiatus.

I was on a great start getting back on track with the whole one-blog-a-day thing. Hopefully this weekend didn’t throw me off TOO much.

In other news, Day 1 of no soda and only one coffee went well in the sense that I only had one coffee and no soda, but not so well in the sense that I had a caffeine headache by 5pm.

Hopefully this will be the last post of an update-esque variety for a long time!


~ by Valerie Anne on 10/03/2011.

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