Consequence of Sound

I listen to music a lot.

I always have.

I listen to music in the shower. I listen to music on my iPod on the walk to the train and ON the train. I listen to music in my kitchen. I sometimes even listen to music while I’m at work.

If I’m not with another person or watching television, chances are I’m listening to music.

Without music, the world is quiet and loud all at the same time. There are sirens and dogs and trains being drowned out but a deafening lack of noise.

I hate it.

However, if my iPod dies midtransit, it’s not like I have a panic attack until I get to my charger. I don’t like it, but I manage.

Tonight, I am on my way to Boston. A four hour bus ride from New York City. And I forgot my iPod at work.

I. Am. Devestated.

And as if the silence wouldn’t have been bad enough, the girl sitting behind me is insufferable. In the past two hours, she has only stopped talking long enough for her more soft-spoken friend to ask her a question that prompted another twenty minutes of babbling. She has this know-it-all attitude and an extreme sense of self-importance that makes me want to reach over the seat and clock her.

I know it’s not just me being used to being able drown out any conversations I don’t want to eavesdrop on, because the few times she let her friend interject for a second, I can not only barely hear her, but I don’t hate everything she says.

Loudy McGee over here is making me want to pull a Winifred and sew her mouth shut.

To make matters worse, the boy next to me seems to be mocking me by having oversized headphones. He looks so peaceful.

So, clearly, I miss my music. I called my dad on the walk over here, but he didn’t quite understand my plight. He tried, bless him, but he didn’t get that this was most likely to have a damaging effect to my soul. I did warn him that I would probably be exiting the bus with my fists swinging, and that it would probably be in his best interest to come bearing treats.

And that was before I knew I was going to be sitting within earshot of the Energizer Bunny.

Needless to say, I am not a happy camper. Even less so than any other bus ride I’ve ever been on. The only plus side to it is that I’m sitting next to a plug, so my phone won’t die.

In the grand scheme of this evening, this is hardly comforting.

The only thing keeping me from not going all Lima Heights Adjacent on everyone in this godforsaken bus is the fact that soon(ish) I will be home with my family, where love and hugs are in excess.

That is, if I don’t get thrown in jail for assault first.

~ by Valerie Anne on 10/20/2011.

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