30 Days of TV – Day 25

Day 25 – A show you plan on watching (old or new)

Well, the new Fall Season just started, so I’m already watching a plethora of new shows. I shall share my thoughts on them individually.

Playboy Club: I liked this show, visually. The dark, smokey era and the swanky Chicago club with gorgeous ladies walking around in bunny suits was aesthetically quite lovely to watch. Sadly, it’s been cancelled, and if I’m totally honest with you, I’m not that surprised. As much as I’d love to see Amber Heard hopping around my screen every week, the plotlines were thin and not exactly compelling. They had potential to go somewhere with the underground homosexual troupe, and they hooked me with the stiletto-to-the-jugular in the first episode, but then not much else happened in the subsequent weeks. Hopefully Amber will find another way to grace my screen ASAP.

Charlie’s Angels: Another eye-candy show, though this one with a lot more action. I love me a good spy show, and I thought this was a nice twist on an old classic. It didn’t stray from the theme of the original Charlie’s Angels, yet it still wasn’t trying to BE the original Charlie’s Angels. The girls have their own personalities, their own backstories and their own special skills. Plus, they’re bombshells. Sadly, this show has also been cancelled, but we will at least get to see a few more episodes before it’s pulled entirely.

Ringer: When I heard that Sarah Michelle Gellar was coming back to me in a weekly fashion, I vowed I would watch this show even if it was more boring than a lecture on split ends. Fortunately for me (and all the other Buffy fans who made the same promise), it doesn’t suck. It’s not as obsession-worthy as Buffy was, and I can’t help but compare it every now and then, but it has enough plot-twists per episode to make anyone need to come back the next week, if only to try to regain a sense of which way is up.

The one is BRAND new. Started just this week, only one episode in. Seems promising thus far, at least to me. Then again, I have the Little Mermaid and Beauty the Beast soundtracks on my iPod – both the original Disney and Broadway versions. Honestly, though, I truly feel that it is a great balance between the fairy-tales we know and the modern-day stories we love.  What I loved about the first episode is that it didn’t change the folklore we knew. It didn’t change the pre-marriage story of Snow White or the early life of Rumpelstiltskin. But it gave us a glimpse of what could have happened between when the story ended and this ever-present yet epically vague “happily ever after”. Call me a cock-eyed optimist, but I have high hopes for this one.

2 Broke Girls: This show makes me laugh out loud.l It’s cute, it’s quippy, it’s young, it’s fun. It features two girls who couldn’t be more different, but who share a sisterly bond and a sarcastic wit that make every interaction between them hilarious. Even though their apartment is bigger than mine, I still love this show and will continue to tune in…as long as they calm down with the penis jokes.

New Girl: This show makes me laugh. The girls over at Afterellen have good points when they say that this show ended up being more about the guys’ reaction to the New Girl than the new girl herself, but Zoey Deschanel does make me giggle quite frequently. And sadly, I am able to say that several of the awkward things she has done so far are things I have done myself. Including, but not limited to, singing random songs about the goings on around her.

The Secret Circle: This. show. This is what I’ve been waiting [patiently] for quite some time. It’s like a lovely, happy medium between Pretty Little Liars and Charmed. Yes, it lacks the sophistication of Charmed, but it has the magic and the books of shadows and the mystical-ness of Charmed. Even though I was pretty young when I watched it, looking back, Charmed was probably aimed at people in their late teens/early 20s. Secret Circle is aimed at teenagers. Yet, I still love it. I’m still curious as to what will happen. I still have faith that Faye is in love with Melissa and will end up with a girl. Either way, I love magic that is not absurd or overdone, so I love this show.

I realize there were other new shows that started this season, but these were the only ones that I felt were worth my time. “Grimm” hasn’t started yet, though I intend on giving that a shot. I tried “Unforgettable” but it wasn’t interesting enough for me to stick around. Same with “Up All Night”, though I think that show has a particular audience it’s aiming for that I am not a part of. I hadn’t really thought or heard much about “Suburgatory”, but I watched an episode with my dad this past weekend and I think I might actually give it a try. The dad/daughter that seemed to be the focus of the series appear to be quite entertaining. I also watched a few episodes of “Hart of Dixie” with my parents while I was home this weekend and I didn’t hate it. I like the actress who plays Dr. Hart, so I might pick it up if I find myself bored and with extra time.

I also watch The Fades, but that’s a BBC show, so I don’t think it counts. Even though it freaks me the eff out.

All in all, considering how many shows I still had going on from previous seasons, the addition of these shows has been time consuming, though entirely appreciated. I’m not hard to please as far as television is concerned, but I’m glad there were so many new shows that caught my attention, even if some of them have already been cancelled.

Meanwhile, I still patiently await the return of my OLD favorites, such as Lost Girl, Pretty Little Liars and Glee.

~ by Valerie Anne on 10/25/2011.

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