A Bunny Tale

Once upon a time there was a little Bunny. Bunny was a happy little animal and loved to make her forest friends laugh and smile. One day her friend Chipmunk said to her, “Bunny, you’re such a good storyteller. You should tell your stories to the whole forest!” Bunny was nervous, but she really liked this idea. Telling stories was her favorite thing to do in the whole world, so even though she worried that other people might not like her stories, she decided to try.

The next day, Bunny set out to a big meadow and hopped up on a tree stump. She told her story loud and clear, even though only Chipmunk was there to see it.  Her friend laughed and clapped, and Bunny had a lot of fun. Week after week, Bunny would hop out to her tree stump in the meadow every once in a while to tell stories. Each time, more and more of her animal friends came to listen – sometimes even animals she didn’t know! She was having so much fun telling stories, she could hardly contain herself.

Suddenly, Bunny had an idea. “I’ll tell stories every single day! The forest will love that!”

And so she did. She spent her nights thinking up fun stories that she would tell the next day. Every day she got happier and happier as more and more people told her how great her stories were.  Bunny couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

One night, while she was lying in her burrow, tired from a long day of work and play, she realized that she hadn’t thought up a story for the next day yet. She got up and hopped back and forth in her room, trying to think of something to share with her friends. She had one idea, but…no…she told that one before. Oh! Another idea! Hm, that doesn’t seem as good as the story she told the other day. Suddenly, Bunny started to panic. What if she never came up with any good ideas ever again?

Bunny barely slept that night. The next day, she went to work finding vegetables for her family as usual, but after work, instead of going to the meadow, she quietly hopped back home. She did the same thing the day after that, and the day after that. Bunny started to get really sad. She really missed storytelling. But every time she started to plan out her next story, she felt anxious and scared.  What if she had told all of her best stories? She loved storytelling, what would she do if she couldn’t do it anymore?

Every day after work, she slinked back to her burrow, trying to avoid talking to her friends about her storytelling. When she did see her friends, they were kind and didn’t ask her why she hadn’t been out to the meadow. This brightened Bunny up a bit – she had been worried that people might have been angry at her for disappearing so suddenly after telling stories every day for so long.

One afternoon, on the way home from the garden, Bunny was suddenly inspired to write down a story she could tell to her friends. She stopped where she was, right in the middle of the path, and scribbled down some ideas on a nearby leaf. She hopped home quickly to start preparing it to share with her friends. It got later and later and Bunny got tired. She decided to rest her eyes for a minute and curled up in her bed. Next thing Bunny knew, it was morning. She had to go to work! She grabbed her notes for her story and hopped off as fast as she could.

After work, she started to head towards the meadow. She looked over her notes and realized that her story really wasn’t ready yet. It wasn’t quite the best story it could be. But it had potential to be a great story.

That’s when it hit her.

Bunny realized that she didn’t have to tell a story every day just to tell a story. The number of stories she told wasn’t important – to her OR to her friends. No, the important thing was that she told good stories. Stories that she cared about, stories that she loved. Storytelling wasn’t supposed to overwhelming or scary; it was something she enjoyed doing, and she shouldn’t lose sight of that.

Bunny stopped and turned around, heading away from the meadow. She took her story home to make it the best story she knew how, smiling all the while.

The End


~ by Valerie Anne on 11/01/2011.

3 Responses to “A Bunny Tale”

  1. Semi auto-biographical perchance? 😉

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