30 Days of TV – Day 26

Day 26 – OMG WTF Season Finale

Before I even thought of a formative answer, Grey’s Anatomy came to mind. Not any particular season finale, but just the knowledge that they’re usually the ones that leave me most on the edge of my seat come springtime during Season Finale month, possibly the most stressful month of the year. (Okay, I might be exaggerating…but really I might not be.)

Most often, they end an otherwise peaceful (at least, by Grey’s standard) episode with some sort of epic tragedy – an explosion, a car wreck, a plane crash, etc. The scariest thing about this show, which isn’t always the case for other shows, is that no one is safe. Apart from maybe Meredith, Cristina and Derek, no one is safe. I learned this early on with the untimely departure of O’Malley. Which broke me to little pieces inside. It was bad enough that he was going to be leaving. To then bring him back just long enough to KILL HIM. Devastating. Plus,  you never know who has pissed someone off behind-the-scenes. All it took was one homophobic comment for Dr. Burke to get the axe…er…knife?

So unless you’re up to snuff on who resigned their contracts [which I try not to be for the most part, I hate spoilers], you really have no way of knowing who will survive the summer break.

Like I said, extremely stressful.

One Tree Hill used to be pretty good at leaving us with cliff-hangers, except for one season. That season –  honestly don’t remember which, it was a few years back, and don’t care enough about it to look it up [me and OTH had a long-term relationship that has since fizzled, leaving me bitter] was a different kind of OMG WTF. Instead of the Grey’s-type-OMG WTF which was more of a, “OMG WTF WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN” it was more like a “OMG WTF IS THAT SERIOUSLY THE END OF THE SEASON?!” It was very series-finale, not season-finale. It literally ended with two of the main characters riding off into the sunset. Everything was packed up in neatly with a little bow on top. Everyone was going to live happily ever after. I found out later it was because there had been a chance they wouldn’t be picked up for another season, but at the time it didn’t matter. I was offended by the lack of even a minor cliffhanger.  I waited until the very last minute, sure that the car that was driving a newly happy family toward the horizon to explode in a fireball of glory. Alas, the credits ran and I threw a tantrum.

Similarly, Glee’s Season Two finale left something to be desired, as far as season finales go. For an episode of Glee, it was first-rate. I might be biased since it was set in New York, but aside from the weird Finchel make-out sesh that cost them the win, it had some awesome moments – Santana solo lines in songs, Unholy Trinity bonding, a Brittany original song, an all-girl pillow fight, a Lima Heights Tantrum, Wicked, a cheerful group number and BRITTANA BRITTANA BRITTANA. All-in-all, a nearly perfect episode. It just didn’t leave me with the OMG WTF WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN feeling that I like my season finales to leave me with.

Kind of like how the last episode of Grey’s ended with a secret death, a premature baby in a broken down ambulance in the rain and dead bodies on the pavement.  And THAT was only a MID-season finale!

~ by Valerie Anne on 12/12/2011.

2 Responses to “30 Days of TV – Day 26”

  1. Mine would for SURE be the season finale of Private Practice where Violet gets her baby CUT OUT OF HER STOMACH. I couldn’t breathe for like 4 days after that thing. Why would they DO that???

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