30 Days of TV – Day 27

Day 27 – Best pilot episode

I know I have literally beaten this show over the head with my words, but I’m inclined to say Glee. It’s possible that it’s the freshest in my mind, but it was a very memorable episode. They also played their cards well. See, Glee didn’t come about like other shows. It was decently hyped, but not overly so. And they aired their pilot? In May.


The episode itself was delicious as a stand-alone story of a teacher gathering together some misfits to start a Glee club. Many songs were included in the episode, some featured, some just clipped, some from musicals, some more contemporary. You had your theatre geek diva, the nerd with a stutter, a kid in a wheelchair, a black girl with a big attitude, a flamboyant boy and a reluctant athlete all trying to make it work.  The teacher had a bitchy wife trying to hold him back and the club itself had an evil coach with a band of bitchy (albeit sexy) cheerleaders out to get them. Within the first episode, aforementioned teacher decides to quit, but is reeled back in by the kids he had managed to inspire already with his passion and cheesily positive attitude. Along the way we had some sassy dialogue, forbidden romance and show-stopping numbers. All in all, it was everything I had ever wanted in a television show. It was dorky, it was clever, it was funny, it was singing and it was dancing.

The catch was that the second episode? Wasn’t going to air until September.


The anticipation of what this show could hold drove me insane. It was either going to be the best show ever or the worst. People were going to either be obsessed with it, or it was going to be another show that was cancelled after one or two seasons because my dad and I were the only ones who were watching. Either way, I was beyond excited.

Well, I think we all know how that turned out.

~ by Valerie Anne on 01/10/2012.

2 Responses to “30 Days of TV – Day 27”

  1. I like the way you sneaked in a dig at Zizes and a vid of Naya singing your name, even though they weren’t in the pilot. 😉

    • haha Well, the whole post ended up being more like an advertisement for the show. I was talking about the show as a whole when I snuck those in, but you’re right, I find any excuse to do either of those things. 😀

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