Pieces of Me

I am made of words. My memories, my experiences, my theories, my hopes, my dreams. All words flowing through me, settling mostly in my chest and head. Though some are loud around angry scars or linger on that spot where a hand once brushed my face. There are words around my rib that was once broken and in the wake of tears on my cheeks. The words are constantly changing, but they are me.

When I write, I give of myself; strands of my heart, strings of my mind, carefully sewn together and presented. There’s an emptiness where the words were taken from, a lacking. But when the words are presented, the hole is sometimes filled back up by the receiver.

Some words are big and sharp, the hands that present them aren’t as gentle as they could be. The hole is filled, but not without cost. The surrounding words are damaged; cracked.  Some words are gently placed in return, but still too big, shifting other words deeper inside; lodging them within. The new words are loud, they stand out. Sometimes they even scare the other words. It takes time before the words of my self can quiet them, can store them away, put them somewhere they won’t cause such a commotion anymore.  It takes time before I can own these new words, instead of the other way around.

Then there are those people who treat the words I give them gingerly. They look at what I have presented to them and neatly replace it with smiles and kindness.  This spreads a feeling a warmth through me. Some words that had been clinging tightly to one another in the darkest corners start to come loose and ask quietly if it will soon be their time to go out in the world, to step into the light.

I am made of words.  The words are constantly changing, but they are me.

And I just want to share them with you.

~ by Valerie Anne on 05/01/2012.

4 Responses to “Pieces of Me”

  1. Looking forward to following a fellow charlie through this challenge!

  2. i really like how unique your approach is here.
    A wonderful start to this magickal challenge. I’ll follow you as well – it’s nice to be a group of Charlies through this experience 🙂

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