Rumour Has It

Then I felt my cheeks turn rosy pink…if a person could will themselves invisible, I would have disappeared on the spot.

Instead, I laughed nervously.


“I said, are you two dating?”

I looked around the stage we were on with darting eyes, making sure no one was listening. It seemed everyone was scattered throughout the auditorium, oblivious to our conversation. My heart was beating fast in my chest…though I had no idea why.

“No,” I answered. I had to look down to meet his eyes, because he was sitting on a tricycle, a prop from the show we were at rehearsal for. Familiar eyes, yet unfamiliar all the same. This was probably the second conversation we had ever had, despite having been in drama together for weeks.

He wheeled a little back and forth. “I don’t care if you are, I was just wondering. It kind of seems like you are.”

“Well, we’re not.”

“Okay,” he said, shrugging in that nonchalant way of his. I laughed again, this time only partly because I was uncomfortable, but also because he made a full circle around me on the trike.

He started to ride away when he paused and looked back at me. “It’s too bad, you know.”

“Too bad?”

“Yeah, I would have liked to get in on that,” he added, winking at me.

I flushed a little darker, rolled my eyes, and gave my best attempt to look offended as he rolled away, but I was really just relieved the conversation was over. An interesting conversation to have with this boy, the lead of the show and a popular athlete to boot. Handsome, charming and outspoken, our paths had never really crossed before. Of all things, this is what brought me onto his radar. Ironic.

Recovering from the encounter, I started to walk off-stage, totally forgetting where I had been heading in the first place, when I felt two cool, soft hands press against my face from behind, covering my eyes.

“Guess who!”

“Considering you’re the only one who does this, it isn’t very hard to guess.”

I gently peeled her hands from my eyes and spun around to look at her knowingly. She stuck her tongue out at me and says, “Come with me downstairs to get a soda.”

As we headed out of the auditorium, and I couldn’t help but chuckle.


“You’ll never believe the conversation I just had.”

~ by Valerie Anne on 05/05/2012.

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