My Magick Room

My Magick Room is deep within me.

It’s where there’s music playing that soothes, but doesn’t distract, where I can see but I don’t have to look.
It’s where I relive conversations past or plan conversations future.
It’s where I imagine conversations that will never happen and situations and adventures that COULD never happen.
It’s where time and space don’t matter.
It’s where I can walk ten blocks in the blink of an eye or where the blink of an eye takes an hour.
It’s where I see my worst fears unfold and my wildest dreams come true.

In my Magick Room, anything is possible.

My Magick Room is the darkest and brightest place that exists, it’s where stories are born, it’s where fantasies die. It’s where songs go deeper than the melodies you can hear, where books go further than the words you can see.

My Magick Room isn’t just IN my imagination. My Magick Room IS my imagination. And I’m not the only one who can go there.

Every time I tell you a story, I invite you into my room with me to hear it. Every time I post here on this blog, I invite you into my room to read it. And every time you can picture what I’m saying? Every time you can see what I’m writing?

You right here with me, in my Magick Room.

~ by Valerie Anne on 05/08/2012.

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