Classic (ˈklæsɪk) – adj. – of lasting interest or significance; n. – a creation or work considered as definitive

This is a classic moment in my life. A breathtaking view of what I love most about New York. On one hand, you have the bustling streest, the traffic, the lights, the crowds. On the other, you have trees as far as you can see. A park so vast you could easily lose yourself in it. A park containing a castle, a zoo, and more. And it’s not the only one of its kind. This city is full of anything and everything I could possibly want. I’ve always been a “city mouse”, never felt a longing to be “roughing it”, but I do have a deep appreciation for nature. Central Park is more obviously maintained and groomed, but there are other parks in the city that have different atmospheres. There are places you can go that are so far from the New York you are familiar with in sight and sound, but not actually very far at all.

It’s also a classic moment for me, because it was at an event that was significantly fancier than how I usually spend my Thursday evenings. It was an event we got free tickets to through work for being a sponsor, tickets that cost other patrons more than my half of the rent costs each month. Unlimited alcohol, appetizers being brought over by waiters with serving trays while we mingled. Fancy entrees that tasted like heaven. It was an interesting taste of how a group of New Yorkers who I don’t usually interact with spend their evenings. Not the way I’d like to spend all of mine (especially not if I would have had to pay for it) but it was a really interesting experience, and fun times had with three of my coworkers who I consider dear friends.

So I would file it under classic – an event of lasting interest and a photo I consider definitive.

~ by Valerie Anne on 05/14/2012.

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