Ten Steps

I walked out of the back exit of my office and took ten steps to the right. I turned back toward whence I came and took this photo.

They call this building “up and coming” because it’s an ever-developing building that is slowly but surely transforming into a giant warehouse to a hip office building. The floors are a grey concrete, the high ceilings are stark white. The hallways are echo-y and dank, but the offices themselves are bright because of the three-quarter length windows that line every outer wall. The stairwells are dark and scary, but it kind of adds a little adventure on the days you decide to take them.

Plus, they have an elevator for cars, so you could park on the 9th floor if you wanted to. You know, if you’re Martha Stewart.



They recently painted some of the pipes in the hallway that bright red color. Most likely for some sort of regulation, but I think it adds a bit of a fun pop. A little less dreary, a little more cheerful.

Though, I’ll admit, the roach traps that are tucked behind the columns (not as inconspicuously as they think, I might add) sort of take away any magic the red paint started to give.

I think they should paint the unpainted pipes a different color. Then maybe the columns a third color.

I feel like Monday mornings would be a lot easier to handle if I had to walk down a hallway of mothereffing rainbows on the way to work.

~ by Valerie Anne on 05/19/2012.

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