Catch A Falling Star And Put It In Your Pocket

Longest post title ever? Possibly.

Well, it’s the closest I’m going to come to actually fulfilling this prompt. I thought about it for a few days. I even considered trying to draw a metaphor to why my iPod represents who I am – the music, pictures and apps all make up different parts of me…I even had a great analogy about how it was cracked and held together with Scotch tape but it still works. I had a song quote from Smash lined up and everything!

But I realized that didn’t really fulfill the requirement of making something to carry with me.

Then I thought maybe I’d go even more symbolic. “Well, I always have at least two elastics on my wrist at all times (provided one isn’t in my hair). One for me, one in case someone else needs one.” Then I was going to draw conclusions about my personality based on this fact like this was a damn psychology class.

So you know what? I’m not doing it. I’m not done figuring out who I am yet, so it would be impossible to find/create something to remind myself of it. And what I DO know about myself is that I’m too complicated to possibly sum up in one object.

So, Charlie? I would like to respectfully decline this one.

Besides, even if I made something to carry around with me, I guarantee I’d lose it before the week was out.

~ by Valerie Anne on 05/20/2012.

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