Family Portrait

This photo sort of captures my childhood. This is me, my brother and my cousins. One more came along some time after this photo was taken, and all of my favorite memories of growing up involve some combination of the six of us.

These are the people who taught me how to love in a way that was slightly different than how my parents or grandparents did. Cousins are special because it’s a unique kind of friendship – you’re allowed various amounts of trial and error, and you know they’ll still be at your next birthday party.

Though I’ll be honest, my cousins and I didn’t fight all that much. At least, not that I can remember. We mostly just laughed.

I remember building forts in auntie’s living room, singing karaoke songs in my dining room, playing Paperboy on the Nintendo in my cousin’s sunroom. I remember picking raspberries, having my older cousin tell me the story of Les Miserables while I listened to it for the first time, crowding around the computer and playing computer games together. Even most of my favorite memories from going home in more recent years involve my cousins. Going to build-a-bear with my younger cousin (don’t be fooled, we were both way too old for this…and had more fun than we should have), dancing at weddings, drinking on my uncle’s back deck.

I think this picture captures what I think of when i think about growing up with my cousins. Always together, rarely paying attention to the grown-ups and always goofing around.

Besides, just LOOK at us. How cute are we??

~ by Valerie Anne on 05/24/2012.

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