Charlie Challenge: Accomplished

Well, I started off strong, but eventually tapered off, so it has taken me closer to 75 days to do this 30 day challenge, but goshdarnit, I finished it!

And, need I remind you that the last thing I attempted to do 30 days of took me literally 11 months to do, so I’d say this is a major improvement. It also forced me to be creative and think outside the box.  Some of these posts were very unique and outside my usual narrative style. Some involved finding ways to fulfill the prompt within my usual narrative style. All in all, it lived up to its name and was indeed challenging. And I’m really glad I did it.

So, if you missed any, here is where I stored all of the prompts and my responses to them: Charlie Challenge.

If you participated, I hope you had fun. If you didn’t, I hope you enjoyed watching me power through.

Since I refused to post anything besides this challenge until it was complete, I do have a lot of things in the pipeline, including quite a few ideas for potential He Said, She Said, I Said posts, so if anyone still reads my little corner of the internet here, you’re in for some random ramblings soon.

I also found some interesting things when I was home in Boston for a week, including (but not limited to) a chapter book I wrote when I was 12 years old. So I might be sharing little poems or stories from my childhood here too, assuming they’re not too embarrassing.

Oh, and to answer this prompt – summer isn’t like it used to be. It doesn’t mean vacations, time off, lazing around, a different job. It doesn’t mean driving around with the windows down, finding a pool to camp out at for days, finding a park with swings. No, summer is now trying not to die in the sweltering heat while walking for miles and traveling underground. It’s trying to find a few minutes each day to soak up some sun just so you don’t become completely translucent. Finding a beer garden to camp out at, spending as much time as possible in the air conditioning, drinking as many lattes as you can afford.

So I don’t have any big summer plans, just trying to enjoy the weather as much as possible. Escaping for the weekend here and there whenever possible.

Plus, since it took me so long to finish this, the summer is half over anyway.

~ by Valerie Anne on 05/30/2012.

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