Brick Lane

Time for another installment of the London Chronicles!

One of our reading assignments over the program was to read a book called Brick Lane. I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t read the whole thing cover to cover. I read summaries of it and my friends and I would each take a chapter and be in charge of teaching each other about it, etc. I do want to read it someday, I just didn’t want to be doing that when I could (and, indeed, did instead) wander around the actual Brick Lane.

If this is a book you plan on reading, I would look away now, because even though I couldn’t tell you the details, I think this poem gives away some pretty big plot points.

If you don’t care or probably won’t remember by the time you read it, carry on.

The assignment was to pick a character and write a poem in their point of view. Then to creatively display it on the page. I chose to write it in the point of view of the mother/wife in the story.

Here’s the page:

And for easier reading, here’s the poem:

A wife.
A mother.
A friend.
Giving. Obedient. Selfless.
Never free. Never me.

And then I met Passion.
No longer able to sit back,
I start slowly to separate myself.
To escape.

Holding my daughters’ hands, I lead them.
Lead them to a life that is ours.
They will know freedom.
They will know love.

I will not look back
On that cold, empty life.
Instead, I look ahead.
To the warmth and comfort of endless possibilities.

~ by Valerie Anne on 11/07/2012.

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  1. You seem absolutely incredible. I feel compelled to ask you out for coffee ;).

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