Day 8

It’s only 8 days into this whole one-post-a-day thing and I’m already exhausted. My brain isn’t accustomed to having to be creative so regularly, it got so used to just relaxing and watching television and letting my heart and feelings get all the exercise.

I mean, it’s not like I’m running out of IDEAS. I have a million and twelve drafts started or ideas jotted down. I just haven’t had the attention span to flesh them out yet.

I’m also going through one of those phases where I’m putting too much pressure on myself to be interesting. I can’t expect every post to be better than my last good post. My friend and I call it Allie Brosh syndrome. (Who, by the way, I still worry about.) Really I should just be writing what I want to write and letting people pick and choose what interests them or doesn’t interest them and not care when everyone doesn’t love every single thing. It’s just easy to lose sight of that sometimes.

But don’t worry! I will find the time and energy to complete some of these drafts or so help me! Attention span and follow-through are two things I really need to work on in my life in general anyway, so might as well start here.

I’m all for new goals, especially since I accomplished some pretty big ones lately, so I guess this one is as good as any. Finish up some drafts. Follow through with some ideas.

Having Fiction Friday and Sing-a-long Sunday is helpful for me, because I do have some of those kinds of posts started. Killing many birds with not-so-many stones!

Ugh, can we come up with a new metaphor that means the same thing but doesn’t harm any fictional animals? Like, “eating two cupcakes with one fork” or “hitting two innocent passers-by with one snowball”?

~ by Valerie Anne on 11/08/2012.

One Response to “Day 8”

  1. I’m in the same boat about sort of being in a NaBloPoMo slump already. I realized AFTER I posted the poem a couple days ago that it was one I had already posted months ago. So I just deleted the first post lol. Whoops 😛

    Maybe we should brainstorm more ideas together! Might be helpful. 🙂

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