Great Writing is Like Magic

I love that feeling. When you’re so deep into the world a book as created for you, so lost in the town you’re being introduced to, so focused on these new people you’re learning about, so immersed in this unfamiliar culture, that your own world ceases to exist for a little while. When something interrupts you – the slam of a door, the buzz of your phone – it feels like waking from a dream. Suddenly your reality feels fuzzy, like maybe IT’S the story and the place you just left was what’s real. You see things as though for the first time as you try to regain your bearings. For a few minutes, your thoughts even mimic the author’s writing style, the rhythm, the sentence structure.

It’s almost like that feeling you get when you lie down and close your eyes after spending the day on a boat. You’re on solid ground now, but you can still feel the steady rocking.

And you think, I’ll never write anything like this. something that will make someone else feel the way I feel right now. And in the same moment you think, maybe…just maybe, someday I’ll write something like this.

~ by Valerie Anne on 01/23/2013.

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