I Dreamed A Dream

Last night I was having a dream about my friend and I trying to get to the airport. We were driving and getting lost and then I realized I had forgotten my bag and it was kind of chaotic and really stressful, but pretty standard as far as my usual dreams go.

But then something really strange happened.

When we got to the dream airport, it was pretty crowded, as airports are. It also looked more like a 20’s lounge than an airport, but my dream-structures rarely actually resemble what they’re supposed to – I just know what they’re supposed to be. None of that was weird. What was weird was that I didn’t know any of the people in my dream. And not in the same way I wouldn’t know anyone in an airport, but in a way that made me feel like they didn’t belong there. I felt like a character from a movie that had been picked up and dropped into another film. I suddenly realized that it wasn’t an airport disguised as another location, but it was another location entirely. The friend I had been dream-traveling with was gone and I was smack in the middle of a scene I didn’t belong in. I tried to ask someone what was happening, but no one was paying attention to me. They were either ignoring me entirely or shrugging off my question like I shouldn’t be asking it.

Then, my dream-self became hyper-aware of what was happening. Dream Me said out loud, “This isn’t my dream.” Hit with the awareness, my dream self tried to figure out how to get out of this dream that wasn’t mine, out of the dream-state at all. I started to wake up – in the way that feels like you’re being ripped from unconsciousness slowly, where there’s that moment where you’re still half-aware that you’re dreaming, while also being half-awake – and when I realized I was fully awake, I sat up with a start. My heart was racing and I was breathing quickly and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had been intruding on someone else’s dream.

Which is an equal parts awesome and terrifying thought. What if we can really visit other peoples’ dreams? What if, every once in a while, the strangers we meet in dreams are real people we don’t know in real life who we just happened to bump into in the dreamsphere? Obviously this isn’t always the case, otherwise the friend I dreamed about last night would have come up to me today to tell me she had a dream that her and I were trying to get to an airport last night. But it was just something I thought was an interesting concept.

Now, I know that it was just a dream in which I dreamed I was dream-invading someone else’s dream, but it was a freaking weird, inception-y feeling. And I’ve had weird dreams in the past, as proven by this Dream Sequence I wrote once: http://bit.ly/13kuOyX

I’m no stranger to the strange. This was just something I had never felt before and so I thought I’d share.

Hopefully this post doesn’t get me sent to Radley Sanitarium.

~ by Valerie Anne on 02/27/2013.

2 Responses to “I Dreamed A Dream”

  1. I just thought that you might be interested to know that I had a similar(ish) dream many years ago. In the dream I was attending what I now know to be something along the lines of a cocktail party. I was mingling with people and making small talk. I remember thinking that ‘this is not one of my dreams’ because it seemed to different from the things that I normally dreamed of (I was only a ten year old kid at the time). I didn’t know anyone, and felt that same feeling of being in the wrong dream. Eventually I was introduced to a favourite actor from the television.

    We had a great time, and after I had talked to him for about ten minutes, I remembered that he had died about 18 months before. I wasn’t scared at all, but instead felt somewhat embarrassed about bringing the subject up in conversation. When I did get round to it, he looked thoughtful for a moment, then smiled, said “I thought that my &*£%!! agent had been quiet for a bit” and burst out laughing. The embarrassment gone, we carried on chatting for a while, before he claimed that he needed to talk to someone who had just arrived. Shortly afterwards I woke up, not feeling scared exactly, but very strange indeed.

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