Charlie Challenge

Once upon a time, the great and powerful Dianna Agron was the driving force behind a wonderful website full of creativity called You, Me & Charlie.

It’s a wonderful website with art and music and writing and everything in between. There is inspiration galore.

For the month of May, they will be issuing prompts each day. They call it the Charlie Challenge. I shall be participating. Hope you’ll come along for the ride with me.

If you click on the day, it will lead you to the original challenge post on YM&C’s page, if you click on the title next to it, you will find my response to the prompt.


Day 1: Pieces of Me

Day 2: Kick Your Feet Up

Day 3: I’m Afraid She’s Rather Odd

Day 4: He Said, She Said, I Said: Somebody That I Used To Know

Day 5: Rumour Has It

Day 6: “I’m not lost…”

Day 7: Una Página Nueva

Day 8: My Magick Room

Day 9: Do you believe in fairies?

Day 10: All That Glitters

Day 11: Anything Goes

Day 12: The Road Not Taken

Day 13: Good Morning, Momshine

Day 14: Classic

Day 15: It’s Me You Fear

Day 16: Found Art

Day 17: Soundtrack To My Life: Abridged

Day 18: An Open Letter…To Myself

Day 19: Ten Steps

Day 20: Catch A Falling Star And Put It In Your Pocket

Day 21: Dare to Dream

Day 22: Colors of Nature

Day 23: Lights, Camera, Action!

Day 24: Family Portrait

Day 25: Bad News Made Better

Day 26: Room With A View

Day 27: As You Like It

Day 28: Where We Sat

Day 29: Fortitude

Day 30: Charlie Challenge: Accomplished

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