One stop shopping for all things Glee…well, all things Glee that were written by me…you know what I mean.

Gleewind 2.01 – Audition

Gleewind 2.02 – Britney/Brittany

Gleewind 2.03 – Grilled Cheesus

Gleewind 2.04 – Duets

Gleewind 2.05 – Rocky Horror Glee Show

Gleewind 2.06 – Never Been Kissed

Gleewind 2.07 – The Substitute 

Gleewind 2.08 – Furt

Gleewind 2.09 – Special Education

Gleewind 2.10 – A Very Glee Christmas

Gleecap 2.11 – The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle

Gleecap 2.12 – Silly Love Songs

Gleecap 2.13 – Comeback

Gleecap 2.14 – Blame It On The Alcohol

Gleecap 2.15 – Sexy

Gleecap 2.16 – Original Song

Gleecap 2.17Night of Neglect

Gleecap 2.18 – Born This Way

Gleecap 2.19 – Rumours

Gleecap 2.20 – Prom Queen

Gleecap 2.21 – Funeral

Gleecap 2.22 – New York

During any hiatus, I’ll revisit old episodes. “Gleecap” means I recapped that episode when it was the most recent one, “Gleewind” means I recapped that episode after seeing later episodes. But you had figured that one out, right?


Let us move on to Season Three, shall we?

Gleecap 3.01 – Purple Piano Project 

Gleecap 3.02 – I Am Unicorn

Gleecap 3.03 – Asian F

Gleecap 3.04 – Pot of Gold

Hope you guys are enjoying these – I know I love writing them.

4 Responses to “Gleecaps!”

  1. Awesome, keep recapping!!!!

  2. i really like your writing style. keep it up. 🙂

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